Google Glass thief unknowingly live streams his day

When it comes to thieves and technology, the latter usually proves to be their biggest nemesis. Earlier this summer, for example, one thief was caught after logging into his Facebook account at the victim's home, then forgetting to log back out. The newest dumb criminal? A man who stole a pair of Google Glass and unknowingly broadcasted his day.

The story goes, a Google Glass Explorer was hanging out at the park with his smartglasses when someone came up and excitedly asked if he could try them on. The device's owner, Mike Geller, apparently exercising his faith in humanity, agreed. The man who asked to try them on promptly ran away with them.

What the thief didn't know was that Geller had been live streaming video using LiveLens, something that continued after the man took off with his Glass. As a result, he proceeded to broadcast his day for everyone to see, which included things like having a beer and hitting up a rave.

There's no update on whether Geller got his Google Glass back, but he has edited the thief's day into a short and nifty video with snippets that you can watch for yourself above.

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VIA: Business Insider