Google Glass tech's dark side blasted in science fiction short

Google Glass is definitely something to get excited about, but do we want a world where everything is constantly connected through devices like it? A few years ago the notion would have seemed absurd, but now a future where everyone uses devices like Google Glass is certainly a possibility. A new short film named Sight by Daniel Lazo and Eran May-raz examines such a future, and even though there are some exciting possibilities, there are also some pretty terrifying ones.

The film focuses on special contact lenses called "Sight" which allow users to see the world around them through the constantly-connected lenses. Things start out innocently enough, with our main character using his special contacts to turn his lunch preparation into a game and pick out his outfit for his upcoming date without ever leaving the couch. He then meets up with a girl named Daphne for their date, and secretly uses a dating app to help him win her affection. We'll leave the rest to you to find out, because hey, we wouldn't want to spoil the fantastic ending.

Being constantly-connected can have it's benefits, but as the film shows, things don't always turn out for the best when we end up relying too much on technology. Sight is equal parts beautiful and creepy, but the film's creators tell VentureBeat that they didn't intend for there to be a connection between Sight and Google Glass. In a strange series of coincidences, they say that they came up with the idea for a film centered around augmented reality, and few days after production began on Sight, Google released the first video for Google Glass. Still, even though there isn't any intended connection between Sight and the current Google Glass craze, the film does serve as a possible snapshot of a future which may not be that far off. Enjoy!