Google Glass Scores Official Play Music Glassware

Tis a happy day for Glass owners, who can now grab the official Play Music app for their Google wearable. The announcement was made by Google's Stephen Lau on Google+, where he dropped a quick and humor-infused note informing Explorers of the update. The Music app can be grabbed from the MyGlass page, but those who are using a sideloaded apk will need to uninstall it first.

Some Glass Explorers have been running the Music2.apk sideloaded app while waiting for the real deal to be made available, and if it isn't uninstalled first, the installation will fail. Otherwise, the process is simple, and involves a simple jaunt over to the MyGlass page. Obviously, one will need to either own or order a pair of stereo earbuds for their Glass in order to listen to music.

This follows an announcement on November 25 that Glass will be available to developers, with invitations rolling out that day with a purchase code for getting the device and into the Explorers program. The Glass Developer Kit was recently demo'd at events on the nation's coasts, and overall represents development entering a revved up phase.

It was the middle of last month that Glass scored new music functionality, among them being the ability to search for certain songs, listen to music in high fidelity, scan through a saved playlist, and more. Voice commands came with the lot, allowing for simple music control, among them being "listen to" for naming a song or artist. With the announcement came the stereo earbuds, as well.

SOURCE: Google+