Google Glass profitability: The Fancy claims first to mark

Google has been improving Glass with regular updates, and they have also recently opened up the Explorer program quite a bit. This has also come along with v2.0 hardware which brings with it promise of support for prescription lenses and a mono earbud. But perhaps more important here is the expanding and now remote Explorer program because with more users we should see more apps and more development.

There have been plenty of apps thus far, though most seem to be feeding information to you. To a point, the available apps have almost been a way to have information put in front of your eye, as opposed to needing to pull your smartphone out to check for details. One area in particular has been shopping and while we have yet yet to see something along the lines of an Amazon app, The Fancy has previously launched an app that does allow users to make a purchase.

For this, it would appear as if The Fancy is the first company to start making money using a Google Glass app. For those not familiar with this bit of Glassware, the app allows users to take a picture of something they are looking at, submit it and then get products that are matched based on similar styles and colors.

Fancy founder Joe Einhorn has said they have seen a mix of people using the app including the "high-tech interior designer looking to decorate a space to the stylist that wants to match accessories with a fashionista's outfit." Google on the other hand, also seems to be happy with what is being done with the app.

Glass developer advocate Timothy Jordan touched on how developers "shouldn't create experiences that compete with the world" but instead that they should use the world as the experience. And well, an augmented reality style shopping app that returns potential items based on what you are seeing seems to fit that thought.

VIA: The Verge