Google Glass prescription lenses to arrive early 2014, says Venture Glass

Venture Glass has announced new plans by Rochester Optical on Google+ today, revealing that the company will be producing custom-made prescription lenses designed for Google Glass. The work won't be limited to just prescription lenses, it seems, with both fashion and sport lenses also being pegged as additional options. If all goes as planned, the offerings will be available in "early 2014."

Venture Glass's founder Tim Moore was also revealed today to have joined Rochester Optical's tech and marketing teams, where he will help with wearable R&D and digital support in marketing. Given Venture Glass's involvement with wearable technology and Google Glass in particular, the new partnership of sorts has obvious benefit for Rochester Optical's Glass-centric lens production.

The topic of prescription lenses was one of the first questions posed upon Google Glass's arrival, a question that did not have a satisfactory answer for a while. Speculation had abounded, with some wondering if a hardware option would be available that could be installed onto existing frames or if eventually the product could be positioned over existing glasses.

In recent days, the latest version of Glass was introduced, and with it some details about prescription lenses. Though the information wasn't especially detailed, it did give us our most substantial look yet at how prescription lenses will work, namely that "Prescription frames for Glass aren't ready quite yet, but this Glass will be compatible with them when they come out. You'll be able to remove the titanium band and replace it with a compatible frame that suits your style, preference and prescription."

Unfortunately, aside from details about a general availability time frame, no details were provided on what these custom lenses will look like — the different features, designs, and the prices that Glass owners can expect to pay. Hopefully as production ramps up in the coming months, we'll hear more about what Rochester Optical will be offering and what it means for Glass owners.

VIA: Google+