Google Glass Prescription Lenses coming "in just a few weeks"

This week the folks at Rochester Optical have sent out questionnaires for users of Google Glass that wish to upgrade their pair to prescription lenses. This is the next step in the evolution of Google Glass, allowing users who would otherwise be wearing glasses and the Glass headset to combine the two into one. Rochester Optical is, thus far, the one and only group to be joining Google in this effort.

The questions asked of prospective users of this next bit in the evolution of the Glass headset begin with a query on where they'll be used. "Where will you dazzle and amaze the public wearing your Google Glass with prescription lenses" is asked with in the office, at home, while I'm driving, and Outdoors/Athletics on the list as answers, with an "other" category with fill in the blank available too.

They also ask whether the user of this new pair of Google Glass glasses is new to the game or if they'll be upgrading their current set. There's a tip about Google Glass frames for prescription glasses with the following colors listed:

• Shale

• Tangerine

• Charcoal

• Cotton

• Sky

• Green

• Yellow

• Pink

• Purple

• Other (fill in the blank)

These lenses will be offered in Basic Plastic (CR39), Impact Resistant (Trivex), and High Index (Thin & Light), but the company asks the user if they'll be interested in trying lenses made of glass, too.

It would appear that the world is wide open as far as customized or odd frames and builds are concerned. Rochester Optical suggests tint, UV coating, Mirror coating, Photochomic lenses like Transition, Polarized lenses for outdoor use, and Anti-reflective coating.

We will be adding new frame shapes to our collection of prescription lenses for Google Glass, and we welcome your suggestions! Are you a Cat Eye frame shape kind of person? Or perhaps you're more into geek-chic style frame shapes? We'd love to see your ideas! Email a rendering or sketch...

Above you'll see the final bit from Rochester Optical, showing how very willing the company is to go the extra mile for the users of this next-generation technology. They really, really want to bring the most excellent experience to the public first so that they might seem best, even though they're the only choice – for the time being.