Google Glass Mirror API documentation now available

A couple of hours ago, Google sent out word that Google Glass Explorer edition is in production, with the first wave going out as early as today, and the rest heading out in the very near future. Following closely on the heels of that announcement is the public availability of Google Glass Mirror API documentation, which includes a couple videos that take users over the most relevant aspects.

In addition to the vast pages of documentation, Google has also released some sample code for interested developers to take a gander at, an example of which is displayed in the screenshot above. Aside from a Quick Start guide to get readers going, the documentation is broken down into relatively easy to manage sections, including bits on managing timeline cards, menu items, notifications, and contacts sharing.

The section on User Interface Guidelines includes the details developers will need to follow when creating what Google calls Glassware. It runs down formatting timeline cards, offering content via the cards in the form of videos and photos, making menus and menu items, how to share content, and more. Check out the video below for more information.

There is also a section on improving the performance of your Glassware applications. Users can check out the sample code, as well as a list of descriptions for values and property names, in the subsection under each main category in the documentation. For example, you can view sample Timeline code here, with the links under "Timeline" on the left taking you to more specific aspects of the code.

[via Google+]