Google Glass mini-games "hacked together" to demo possibilities

We've seen some small demonstrations of games for Google Glass in the past, but today Google itself added some small bits of amusement to that list, rolling out five small games it "hacked together" to demonstrate possibilities for future games. None of them are too exciting, and one can't help but smirk at the idea of someone repeatedly saying "bang, bang" at seemingly nothing, but each demonstrate a different game element that utilizes the hardware.

The games each utilize elements of Glass, such as voice commands and the various sensors that are on board, while being "intentionally" simple so that Glass owners can get the hang of them nearly immediately. You can see a demo of them all in action in the video below, and grab them yourself from Google's website.

Among the games is Tennis, which is as it sounds — your head is the racket and the green dot is your tennis ball, and you take advantage of the wearable's accelerometer and gyroscope to play. Balance is similar, featuring a small head with a stack of blocks on it, which you keep balanced by moving your own head from side to side.

There's Clay Shooter, which is the amusing "bang bang" we referenced. Saying "Pull" launches a pigeon towards you, to which you can shoot with your virtual eye-mounted gun. And rounding it all out is Matcher, which is a memory game that involves the gyroscope and accelerometer.

SOURCE: Google Developers