Google Glass laid bare in full teardown

It was bound to happen at some point, and condolences to whomever sacrificed their frames for the greater good aside, we've got our first look at the components from Google Glass and how they're fitted together. This comes from Star Simpson and Scott Torborg, who start their journey with a brief write up on picking up the Glass unit, and following it up with a detailed teardown of the unit, including a test using prescription frames.

Initially, the process involved concerns about how hard it would be to get Glass open, but fortunately the process starts with a screw and is fairly straight-forward from there. Those who don't have any experience taking apart small gadgets should avoid tinkering with their Glass unless they're willing to make a fatal mistake, but that aside, disassembling the unit is certain do-able (not without permanent damage, however).

The process started with a Torx T5 screwdriver that was used to remove the main unit from the frames, presumably so that a user can swap out the frames with new ones. Of course, this presents a perfect opportunity to check out the unit on a pair of prescription glasses. Reportedly, this experience was "subpar" because it threw off the proximity sensor.

From there, they removed the plastic from the main unit near the display, which was achieved with some careful prying. This revealed the proximity sensor and ambient light sensor. Unfortunately, taking off the rest of the plastic involved some cutting around an internal screw, at which point the screw could be removed and the rest of the plastic "peeled" off.

From there they removed the main board, which is held in place with "lots of paste." Removing said paste revealed a TI OMAP4430 chip and a 16GB SanDisk flash chip. Next was the battery, which also required tearing the plastic in order to get to it. Obviously, this means users cannot replace the battery on their own. The rest of the teardown is detailed in extensive pictures, which you can check out at the link below.

SOURCE: Catwig