Google Glass Explorers program goes remote

Google is no longer requiring new Google Glass Explorers to pick up their Glasses in person in Los Angeles or New York for a one-on-one walk-through. Instead it will mail Glasses to new Explorers and conduct walk-throughs via Google Hangouts. This marks an expansion of the Explorer program as it up-to-quadruples its participation roster over the coming weeks.

The new, remote walk-throughs take Glass 2.0 Explorers through the same process as the brick-and-mortar ones. Glass is not yet up to consumer grade, so Google wants to make sure Explorers understand how the product works before wearing them in the wild. New Explorers must schedule via phone a 45-minute walk-through with a human "Glass Guide" on Hangouts.

Android Central's Phil Nickinson, who is in the Explorers program, shared a follow-up email he received from Project Glass after scheduling a Hangout:

"We're so excited that you're interested in taking part in our Hangout Experience!

"What better way to start your journey with Glass than with one of our experienced Glass Guides! They'll take you through the entire setup process, explain some of the features Glass has to offer and tell you a little about the history of Glass along the way. This is all done over webcams in a Google Hangout"

Glass will be launched to the public sometime in 2014. At that time, we assume walk-throughs will no longer be required. Until then, Project Glass will continue with the slow release.

SOURCE: Android Central