Google Glass Explorer Over-The-Air XE5 Update Rolling Out

It has proved to be a good day for Google Glass owners. First, earlier today, we saw an unofficial Glass Facebook app surface, allowing users to take images and shuttle them off to their Facebook account, something similar to the Twitter app we saw surface in screenshots late last month. Now another goodie has arrived, this time in the form of an over-the-air update.

According to the change log posted by the folks at Phandroid, the update brings with it some new features that users will be happy to see, perhaps with the exception of a policy change that requires a wifi connection and the device to be charging for background uploads. That aside, those who have received the update will see a variety of Google+ notifications, such as mentions and comments, as well as the new ability to +1 things and leave comments.

The battery charge should now be more accurate, so if you've been having some issues with charging sooner than you anticipated, that could change with the XE5 update. Users will also find they can initiate a search wherever they'd like in the interface via long press rather than the confining limitations previously in place, which is a much welcomed change we're happy to see.

There's now the ability to message and dial an international number, as well. The update brings with it a snazzy animation that happens when you try to do a swipe that isn't allowed, and you can pull up the device's serial number on the Device Info card. The recipient mosaic is new, and transcription of messages and such seems to be faster. Do you have Glass? Let us know if you find any other changes!

[via Vincent Nguyen(G+)]