Google Glass to Facebook provides unofficial photo sharing

We've already seen a Twitter for Glass app, though it isn't available for any Glass owner to use and has not been officially announced (there's GlassTweet, though). Following not too long after, there's now an unofficial Glass to Facebook app available to the public, allowing those who've scored a pair of Google's frames to upload photos directly to their Facebook page.

Given the nature of Google Glass and the pervasive reality of Facebook in our daily lives, a Facebook app is a much-needed (if not much-wanted) addition to the device. Those who shelled out $1500 for an Explorer pair of the frames didn't have to wait too long, with this third-party offering filling the gap until Facebook rolls out its own official app. You can get Glass to Facebook here.

Setup is very easy, with step-by-step instructions being provided. Users simply need to log-in to their Facebook account from the Glass to Facebook page, then enable under Sharing Contacts via MyGlass. From there, the Glass owner then takes a photograph with their device and shares that image with Glass to Facebook, which automatically shuttles it off to the attached Facebook account.

Much in the same way images taken and uploaded from a smartphone are added to a Mobile album, images taken and sent to Facebook with Glass are added to their own album called Glass to Facebook, with default text that says the device was used to post the image. Other than that, the photos show up the same way any other image shows up on Facebook through other uploading means.

[via Tech Crunch]