Google Glass consumer units arriving as soon as next year

Google has only just recently shipped its developer units of Google Glass, and it seems regular consumers will have to wait a while longer. According to Google chairman Eric Schmidt, consumers will be able to snatch a pair of Google Glasses in about a year, and while the company has never given a solid release date for the glasses, 2014 is a bit later than originally expected.

The former Google CEO said during an interview with BBC that Google Glass for consumers is "probably a year-ish away," meaning that we won't see them go on sale to the public until around the spring time of next year. However, Schmidt says that Google will be taking that time to improve on Google Glass, thanks to the many developers who are testing out the new spectacles.

Google Glass was originally to be released to the public at some point later this year, but it seems the company is pushing that timeline back a bit, most likely to allow enough time for early testers to get their say in before Google starts making changes and improvements to the new piece of technology.

Schmidt also addressed the concern over privacy with Google Glass, saying that society will "have to develop some new social etiquette," noting that "it's obviously not appropriate to wear these glasses in situations where recording is not correct." Many places have already banned the use of Google Glass, including a bar in Seattle, and lawmakers are attempting to ban the glasses while driving.

[via DVICE]