Google gives developers a look at Glass Mirror API and apps at SXSW

Earlier at SXSW, Google showed off Glass, giving a demonstration of the device in use and providing developers with their first glimpse of the Mirror API. The demonstration showed the device being used to perform searches, take a photo, view the weather, share with Google+, and more. You can check out a video of the demonstration after the jump.

Other apps that were demonstrated included ones from the New York Times, which offers an article and its relevant information, Evernote, Path, and Skitch. As you might imagine, Glass allows users to share with Skitch and Evernote, such as sharing a photo, while the Path app lets users post comments and view updates.

Gmail, meanwhile, supplies users with new message notifications and utilizes voice commands for tasks such as replying to messages. Demonstrations are given of voice command searches and image taking, and viewers get a glimpse of features, such as pulling up the weather. There's also a quick run down of using gestures for controlling the device, including tapping and swiping.

As for development, data is supplied to Google Glass via what is referred to as timeline cards, which have video, images, text, and HTML, among other things. Reports TechCrunch, developers also have a "bundles" option, which is, as its name suggests, a bundle of cards that device owners can "shift" through via gestures or voice commands. The apps will have some Google-imposed limitations, however, such as avoiding a barrage of notifications and presenting useless data, as well as avoiding unexpected notifications.

[via TechCrunch]