Google gets patent on driverless car tech

Google has been working with its driverless cars for a long time now. These cars use a lot to technology and other hardware attached to them to be able to navigate and drive itself and passengers around with no human input. Google has now been awarded a patent on some of the tech used in the driverless cars. I think driverless cars like this is the only way we will ever really combat distracted driving. That said, I don't want to see automated cars become mandated.

The patent awarded has to do with the method the car uses to change from human controlled to driving itself around. Google sees applications for the technology the patent covers in things like driving tourists around and sending cars that need repairs to the shop. The patent is called Transitioning a Mixed-mode Vehicle to Autonomous mode.

The patent app outlines sensors used to identify when the vehicle stops on a so-called landing strip, then a second set of sensors take over and receive data that tells the car where it is positioned and where it should go. That landing strip is required so that the driver knows a safe place to stop the vehicle. The car would use GPS to determine if it is parked in a landing strip. The patent also says that the car could use a QR code to get details on where it is located. The car has to know exactly where it is located to be able to get where it needs to be in automated mode.

[via BBC]