Google+ for Android turns your phone into a snowglobe

Chris Burns - Dec 12, 2013, 1:35pm CST
Google+ for Android turns your phone into a snowglobe

Google is adding a feature to the Android version of Google+ this month in their newest update that’ll turn your device into a snowglobe. What you’ll be able to do is open Google+, open a photo inside Google+, and shake to see snow. This is an addition to the Auto Awesome snowing feature shown off earlier this month in photos Google+ saw fit to have such fanciful flakes. These images appear as .GIF files and can be shared as such.

Users will find that the photos they’re shaking with this newest version of Google+ will be able to be saved immediately following a shake. A second shake will result in a save or a share. These photos will be able to be viewed as moving .GIF files inside of Google+ as well.

This is only the latest in a number of odd additions to to the Google+ collection of Auto Awesome abilities inside the Google+ photos suite. These bits and pieces are generally added based on Google’s own algorithmic choice engine, creating .GIFs out of image sets, making satisfying video mash-ups with videos, and more. These combos come from Google+ uploads of photos and videos from Android and iOS devices on the whole.

The Google+ update for Android will be released starting later today, the 12th of December, 2013. This update will bring some bug fixes as well as other bits of feature additions. This update is the first to appear since a November 15th update which contained automatic updates to friends’ locations as well as a variety of Photos improvements.

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