Google Fit health platform tipped to take on HealthKit

Like Apple, Google may be getting into the fitness tracking game. Following WWDC and Apple's announcement of HealthKit, Google is reportedly getting into the game with Google Fit. The platform does much of what HealthKit does, just — you know — for Android.

Forbes is reporting the new platform, but details are light. All we really know is that Google will attempt to work with various partners via a series of APIs that gather data and attempt to make sense of it all. Google Fit is also said to take advantage of Google's cloud-based services.

This sounds a lot like HealthKit, which uses much of the same structure to help us make sense of our health data. Taking metrics like steps taken or heart rate, a program like Google Fit could take the hard work of making sense of it all out of the OEMs hands. The hardware simply gathers data, and uses an API to feed it to Google Fit.

This is also reportedly coming to fruition at Google I/O this year, where another interesting wrinkle in this equation is said to launch. Android Wear could take Google from also-ran in the health platform department to frontrunner. By offering up hardware and software, they've given those interested in their health data immediate value.

Source: Forbes