Apple announces Healthkit and Health app at WWDC 2014

At WWDC 2014, Apple announced their health ambitions. With Healthkit, we get a go-to source for living healthy, while their Health app will be a standalone app aimed at monitoring your health. It's a two-pronged attack, meant to keep you healthy and fit no matter how you want to interact.

Healthkit is a pretty subtle utility, but also a smart one. Apple knows your various devices and apps don't talk to one another, but with Healthkit, they can. The utility is meant to cobble together the info gathered from various sources, like fitbit or the upcoming JayBird Reign, and cobble it together in one place.

You can even choose which info to share to Healthkit. If you use a Fitbit to track your steps, but don't rely on it for other info, just choose to share your pedometer stats to Healthkit. If you have another device or source where your info is gathered, you can similarly share whatever you want to Healthkit.

The Mayo Clinic also has an app, and it works with Healthkit. If you monitor your heartrate or similar stats with a connected device, Healthkit will also relay that info to the Mayo Clinic app. From there, a doctor working with the Healthkit system may choose to reach out to you. It's a new way to provide the ultimate in preventative care.

Apple also says Epic Systems, who work with various health care providers already, will work with Healthkit. It's like having the same system your doctor works with, and allows them access to your info if you choose. Your doctor can monitor you from afar, now, and keep up with your health in real-time.

Healthkit acts a bit more like a back-end service for other apps and providers, while the EHalth app is where you'll see all the info. We're here at WWDC, as Apple is just quickfiring awesome feature after amazing utility. Be sure to check our Apple portal for all the great news, today and all week!