Google Fiber will no longer offer TV service to new customers

You can find almost everything on the Internet, be it through the regular Web or through Internet-based content delivery services, a.k.a. streaming. These days, even TV shows can be accessed over the Internet, giving more traditional over the air and cable TV service providers reason so be worried. Fortunately for them, they have one less competition now, sort of. Google Fiber has just announced it is axing its traditional TV service from its bundle but only it strongly believes people don't need traditional TV anyway.

It's not unusual for Internet subscriptions to be bundled with other services like phone lines and TV service. Google Fiber, now under Alphabet's Access subsidiary, launched with that scheme to match common market practices, even if it may not have made sense for a very Internet-focused business. Today, however, Google Fiber is calling it quits on TV, at least for new subscribers.

It will no longer offer its traditional TV package for anyone signing up for a fiber Internet connection. Those who already have Google Fiber TV, however, have nothing to worry about as it will be business as usual for them. In place of traditional TV, Google Fiber will be offering sign-up opportunities with YouTube TV and, new to the service, fuboTV, the latter promising 35,000 live sporting events each year.

This change comes as part of Google Fiber's "return to roots" as a gigabit Internet company. Last December, it removed the 100Mbps offer for new subscribers, seeing as that tier no longer makes sense in this day and age.

This is, of course, also a snub of traditional TV services and a push to get more people to get their fix from the Internet. Google's Internet to be exact. That said, Google Fiber will have to make more partnerships with content providers to make its only remaining service more attractive in the face of bundled subscriptions in a highly competitive Internet service market.