Google Fiber TV package priced and detailed

This week Google's Fiber ultra-fast web connection has been turned on in Kansas City, complete with a set of new hardware bits for users to make full use of it. One of these is the Google Fiber TV Box – this device connecting to the web, bringing you wifi connection, wired connection, and bluetooth as well. The Google Fiber Storage Box is a storage unit in which you'll be able to keep TV shows, movies, and more – inside you've got Two terabytes of storage and the ability to record 500 hours of HD content. All of this is controlled from none other than the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Google's introduction of Fiber for Kansas City brings on the TV package that includes not just the two boxes listed above, but 1TB of Google Drive storage and a Network Box as well. You'll also get all the major networks in one package, premium movie channels at an additional fee, and thousands of hours of content each month.

There's one $300 construction fee, one time fee, and you've got a $120 a month cost. With a two-year contract you also have no construction fee at all. All of this will be live for Kansas City immediately if not soon – and once Google is ready to bring on Fiber to the whole USA, you'll have it as well. Can't wait!