Google Fiber set-top box v2.0 clears FCC

Nate Swanner - Jun 17, 2014
Google Fiber set-top box v2.0 clears FCC

Google Fiber users may soon have access to a new set-top box. A recently spotted FCC filing shows a “GFHD200” box, likely replacing the GFHD100 box Fiber owners are currently using. New specs are incoming, too, along with a rumor regarding the remote.

Approved on June 13, the new box will have 10/100 Ethernet and MoCA 1.1/2.0. HDMI and 2.4/5 GHz WiFi round out the boring specs. The inclusion of Bluetooth 4.0 has some wondering, though.

With the set-top box, a new remote is likely. Bluetooth LE suggests that new remote may end up communicating that way rather than via IR. It could lead the way to a better experience via mobile, too — even gaming.


This could also be part of the recent Google Fiber beta program we told you about. Mysterious and exciting, the Fiber testers will get access to new hardware and features, so long as they promise not to tell anyone.

Sadly, the most telling FCC documents are under wraps until December, so we don’t know much yet. We can tell from the hushed nature of this device that it likely won’t see the light of day until Christmas, or perhaps early next year. We’ll have to wait to see if any Fiber testers are trying it out ahead of then.

Via: Wikidev

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