‘Fiber Trusted Tester’ brings beta testing for Google Fiber

Nate Swanner - Jun 6, 2014
‘Fiber Trusted Tester’ brings beta testing for Google Fiber

Google is seeding a beta program for Fiber customers, according to a new Fiber page. The program, dubbed Fiber Trusted Testers, aims to let those with the ultra fast Internet offering check out updates ahead of mass rollout. As Google releases their gigabit Internet service in more markets, beta testing would serve them (and us) well.


From the FAQ section, it appears as if there will be several programs within Trusted Testers. Though Google didn’t quite say what those were, or could be, they do note a vetting process for matching us to certain programs.

Those interested will also be entrusted not to share what’s going on, and will need to sign an NDA. A confidentiality agreement is also in order. This could get interesting if you like to entertain friends and family in your home. The questionnaire you’re asked to fill out mentions new hardware as well as software, so a fancy new Fiber box sitting on the mantle may spark some alarm.

The program is obviously for existing customers, so anyone who is reading this via gigabit Internet should check out the source link below. Fiber is already ahead of its time; you may as well go ahead and stand even closer to the edge!

Source: Google Fiber

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