Google Fiber Project Selection Process Delayed

One of Google's more ambitious projects, the Google Fiber Project, seems to be hitting some small snags. While Google wanted to get everything up and running as quickly as possible, it looks like a few unforeseen variables have caused the teams taking part in the project to slow everything down, and even delay the selection process for cities that expressed interest in running the Fiber Project. With an announcement originally scheduled for the end of the year, Google has instead decided to wait a bit longer.

Milo Medin is Google's new Vice President of Access Services, and in a new blog post at Google's official blog, says that Google is now aiming for an "early 2011" selection date. However, just because they've extended the amount of time to select the right place(s) to launch Google Fiber, that doesn't mean that the selection process is opening up again. Quite the opposite, as Medin points out that the process is still closed, so no new entries will be considered.

A very limited trial of Google Fiber was launched at Stanford, to be used by Stanford University professors. In total, there are 1,100 different cities around the United States that tossed their hat into the selection process. With that many cities to consider, it's really no surprise that this is taking Google a little bit longer to select where they want to launch their high-speed infrastructure.

[via Google Blog]