Google Fiber approved in Portland

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 13, 2014
Google Fiber approved in Portland

Google Fiber, the Internet giant’s super fast Internet offering, has been given authorization to spread its wings, receiving unanimous approval from the Portland City Council. This approves the preliminary agreement that was struck back in April.

Approval has been given, but that doesn’t, of course, guarantee that Google Fiber will be arriving in the city of hipsters. Google has until the end of this year to make its decision, something that will depend on things like regulations to determine whether it is possible.

According to the city of Portland, estimates put Google’s investment at $300 million or more. Should the company proceed with its plans, it will be required to provide free service to some non-profit organizations, as well as free WiFi services outdoors in certain areas.

In addition, Google would have to give free 5Mbps service to those who pay a $300 installation fee, among other requirements. On the plus side, it won’t be forced to service all of the city, and it won’t have to shell out a 3% PEG fee (though competitor Comcast does).

SOURCE: Oregon Live

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