Google Fi Simply Unlimited phone plans go super basic

Google's mobile phone group Google Fi just revealed a phone plan called Simply Unlimited. This is a smartphone carrier plan with unlimited data, calls, and text messages for approximately $30 USD (per line, so long as you're signing up three lines). For that price, Google Fi includes unlimited data, calls, and texts in the USA, as well as unlimited data and texting (not calls) in Canada and Mexico.

If you only have one line of service with Google Fi Simply Unlimited, you'll be paying $60 per line. That price isn't particularly outstanding on its own, especially if you're not the sort of person who goes above the average amount of data use per month.

If we go up to 2 lines with Simply Unlimited, the plan costs $45 per plan, or $90 total. If you have a need for three lines – that's where the price starts to really make sense. There you get Simply Unlimited at $30 per line for three lines.

This could make a lot of sense for a person with a couple of kids, or a set of three individuals who want to get in on a relatively basic (yet unlimited use) data, phone call, and text plan for their phones.

Google Fi also has a really attractive line for the individual who spends most of their time at home, using Wi-fi for internet. The Google Fi "Flexible" plan is $20 per month for one user, and it includes unlimited texting and calling without data. This plan allows you to use data if you wish – ever 1GB used will cost you $10 USD.

If you've never used Google Fi before, it's important to note that this isn't like your everyday average phone carrier. This is a business called an MVNO, selling users data, call, and text plans for phones, operating on networks operated by T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. So you'll have the same coverage as a friend with a U.S. Cellular or T-Mobile device (or more accurately both, combined), but you'll be doing all your billing and business with Google Fi.