Google Fi is relaxing data limits temporarily

The Internet has never become more critical than it has been until these past weeks. Social distancing has forced many interactions and activities to be moved online. Naturally, that means using up more data than you normally would have in a given period. Normally, that leads to higher fees or slower speeds when you hit data caps. Following the lead of major US carriers, Google Fi is now announcing its own changes to its policies, including increasing limits but only temporarily.

Google Fi's Flexible and Unlimited plans normally offer 15 GB or 22 GB of data, respectively, per month at full speeds. Once you hit those volumes, that data speed is throttled down to 256 Kbps, something that might be barely usable in this day and age. That's especially true with the increased use of the Internet for the coming days.

Google Fi is now raising the data cap to 30GB of full-speed data per user. Once you hit that mark, you can opt to retain that full-speed access by adding $10 per GB used during that billing cycle. That will, of course, increase your bill but, fortunately, Google Fi eased up on that as well.

Last month, Google Fi extended the grace period for late payments up to 60 days after the due date. This reprieve comes at a time when people might be having problems making ends meet, let alone pay bills on time. All of this is temporary, of course, but there is no word on when things will get back to normal.

Google also reminds subscribers that it is operating with a limited team and limited resources. Shipping and repairs may be delayed, depending on local regulations and some support channels may be unavailable for the time being. Some retail partners may still be open but Google would prefer if customers do most transactions online instead.