Google Fi iPhone eSIM support starts rolling out to existing customers

JC Torres - May 19, 2020, 10:01pm CDT
Google Fi iPhone eSIM support starts rolling out to existing customers

The technology has been around for quite some time but it was only recently that eSIM has been more widely adopted, thanks again in no small part to Apple. The Cupertino-based tech giant has used the technology on iPhones since 2018, allowing it to offer dual SIM support while really only having one physical SIM card tray. eSIM support, however, still depends on carriers and now Google’s own MVNO is expanding that to existing iPhone users under its network.

To be clear, Google Fi already started supporting the iPhone’s eSIM last month but it carried one heavy requirement. It was only available for new subscribers, leaving dozens of Google Fi iPhone users out of the eSIM party. Fortunately, that seems to be a temporary arrangement only.

Some users are now reporting on Reddit that they are finally able to use their iPhone’s eSIM using an existing Google Fi account. The process, however, isn’t as straightforward as it is for new subscribers, which isn’t that surprising given it’s still unofficial. Hopefully, that will change when Google does make the announcement.

For now, those interesting in testing the waters will have to uninstall the Google Fi app first and then reinstalling it and signing in. They will then be prompted about switching to an eSIM and guide the user through the process of activating it. It should be noted that it doesn’t work yet for all subscribers who’ve tried it.

The Google support page for using an iPhone eSIM with Google Fi remains unchanged but that could be updated later on. Of course, the requirements still do remain the same since only the iPhone XS and later models have eSIM support anyway. Fortunately, that also includes the new iPhone SE 2020 so Google Fi will still have an affordable iPhone option.

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