Google Express will soon deliver fresh food in two cities

Google has no intention of letting Amazon dominate the delivery market, though the latter company is quickly advancing its own delivery efforts. Google Express is the Internet giant's own delivery service, which presently delivers dry goods to customers in many locations. Soon Google Express will expand to include fresh food deliveries in two cities in the U.S, allowing the company to try its hand at getting fresh food into customers' kitchens quickly.

Google Express is arguably not as popular as Amazon Prime Now/AmazonFresh, though that may change as Google ramps up its efforts. With Google Express, users are able to shop offerings listed online for their specific city; the products can be found grouped among specific stores, such as Target, Walgreens, Costco, Whole Foods, and more. Products cover a wide range of items, including everything from bananas to toilet paper.

According to Bloomberg, Google Express will soon test fresh food deliveries in San Francisco and another unspecified city. Unlike current deliveries, delivering fresh food takes a lot more effort — it has to be done promptly and locally, and needs some element of refrigeration. Working out the issues, though, could be profitable, as many people are gravitating to online shopping to save time and reduce fuel usage.

AmazonFresh currently has a larger presence in the US, delivering fresh food to customers in a handful of cities. If and/or when Google plans to expand Express's fresh food deliveries was not revealed, and likely isn't known at this point. This trial will start later this year; the second city slated for the project wasn't stated.

SOURCE: Bloomberg