Google+ Events features mimic Galaxy S III

During the I/O event, Google detailed it's new Events feature for Google+, but the company is also adding in a Party Mode. During events, lots of photos and pictures of various people are often taken, although they can fall by the wayside or even lost. Google's Party Mode sends out photos the Events page as they're taken, but it also automatically scans pictures for faces and tags them with your friend's appropriately.

If that sounds familiar, it should. Samsung recently implemented a similar feature on the Galaxy S III called Buddy Photo Share, which detects your friends based on facial features. Facebook also recently purchased, a service with very similar facial scanning functionality. It shouldn't come as a huge surprise, as the feature is quite helpful for those wary of manually tagging photos, but it's interesting to see Google jumping on the bandwagon.

After the Event is over, photos are collected and displayed in chronological order, with highlights being displayed at the top. While the primary use is to invite other friends on Google+, you can also send out email invites to those without an account. Events should be hitting Google+ today.