Google Earnings hit $10.65 billion in Q1

The first round of announcements have been released by Google in their annual first quarter earnings call, starting with a whopping $10.65 billion in revenue. This number jumps 24% over last year's revenue which was $8.58 billion, this year's bringing Google up to a place where they've got and intense $49.3 billion dollars on hand in cash. Google's board has announced that they've approved a 2-for-1 stock split in the face of this quarters numbers, investors getting a new share of non-voting stock for each of the shares they currently own. Google has also noted that they've gotten $7.31 billion in Site revenues, this representing 69% of their total revenue.

International revenue noted by Google totaled $5.77 billion, while Network revenue hit $2.91 billion. For cash flow from the internet giant, Net Cash totaled out to be $3.69 for the quarter, this compared to $3.17 billion last year at this time. The first quarter of 2012 also had free cash flow of $3.09 billion.

Google's total cash on hand, again, is currently $49.3 billion – this number represents cash, cash equivalents, and short-term marketable securities. Compare this to Facebook's approximate spending cash at $5 billion as reported earlier this week and you'll find yourself understanding the power Google has over the rest of the web world. Find the rest of Google's earnings today via our big Google portal!