Google Drive update for Mac, PC brings new look, features

Google Drive might be the best cloud storage solution there is. It's available anywhere, securely tucks your files away, and is free to use. For mobile, it's amazing. For the desktop, Drive is fairly utilitarian, but that's about to change. Today, Google is announcing a few changes to Drive for PC and Mac, which will give users more control and a new menu. The new-look drop-down menu provides updates on uploads, and even gives you access to recently synced items.

The new menu shows sync progress, but also allows for sharing right form the drop-down. No more finding files via finder or the start menu!

Google Drive will also let you throttle your bandwidth, now. If you've got concerns about how much data is flowing through your router, you can choose to cap Drive at a certain bandwidth so your movies and other streaming content don't get bogged down.

The new menu also removes some of the clumsier features of the old one, and hides most options under a sub-menu in the top right. You won't have to scroll past "get more storage" or "help" any longer. The new Drive menu is all about files and performance.

The Drive update is currently rolling out, so if you don't have it yet, be patient. The Drive team says it will happen "over the next several days", but Google typically draws their updates out over a few weeks, so sit tight. If you don't have Drive, we suggest you give it a try.

Source: Google