Google Drive update brings notifications to Android and iOS

This week the folks at Google have updated their cloud storage system Google Drive. This system's apps now work with Sharing Notifications, this bringing the entire system into the forefront of the Android experience. Where before the app was only a secondary doorway into the Google Drive environment, now it becomes part of your device in a real active way. A number of other bits and pieces of features come with this update as well.

This update to Google Drive – the app, that is – brings on the ability to request and grant file access on mobile devices. You'll be able to do this remotely, on your smartphone or tablet, where before you'd only been able to do so on your desktop machine – or through a web browser on your phone, but that's just silly.

The update also includes the ability to preview files without a Google Account on Android. We'll just have to wait and see if this system also works on iOS in the future – for now, the previewing feature only works on Android devices with this latest update.

Sharing Notifications works on both the newest updates for Android and iOS right this minute. Head to your app store and find your app collection and update immediately.