Google Drive may offer auto-backup of photos instead of Google+

Nate Swanner - Mar 9, 2015, 10:24am CDT
Google Drive may offer auto-backup of photos instead of Google+

You’re out and about, you snap photos — then you drop your phone. A shattered screen stares back at you, and your info is just tied to what is now a really expensive external drive. This is why cloud storage is so neat — you can remotely store your files without worry of damage to the hardware. It’s even better with automatic backups, so news that Google Drive may soon allow for automatic backups of photos is really enticing, especially for those who don’t want to sign up for a Google+ account.

Currently, Photo backups via Google are handled by Google+. Recent news suggests Google is starting to consider their three Plus branches independently, so it’s interesting Drive would also get automatic backup features for photos.

It’s not clear if Google+ Photos is going away, but it could still be your home for better imaging. Things like Auto-awesome are not noted in the new Drive code. Interestingly, any mention of Google+ has been removed from Drive code, too.

Further, Drive is getting some Chromecast support baked in. If you’ve got media locked away in Drive, you may soon get the ability to stream it right to your Chromecast.

A new version of Drive with these changes is not yet available, and Android Police (who found the new Drive file) are quick to point out details may change ahead of launch. Still, considering Google’s new take on Plus, it’s easy to see this occurring. Moving storage to your cloud storage offering is also something we think is smart on Google’s part, and better for reaching a broader audience.

Source: Android Police

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