Google Docs grammar suggestions begin rolling out to more users

Back in July, Google starting rolling out a grammar checker for Google Docs. This was no simple grammar checker Google had been cooking up, but rather one that was powered by machine learning. It's an impressive tool that tries to find the nuance in complicated grammar rules, but the problem is that the tool's initial launch was pretty limited in scope, as it was at first only available to users in G Suite's early adopter program.

Fast forward to today and grammar suggestions are beginning to launch to a wider audience. Though they aren't available to all Google Docs users yet, they are rolling our to all G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise users. If you're writing something up in Google Docs and you notice a blue squiggly line pop up under some of your text, that's Google's grammar suggestions at work.

Right clicking on the text in question will show you grammar suggestions, which you can then choose to accept or ignore. Google specifically points out that all of this works without having to "rely on third-party apps to do the work," so it seems the company is taking a few shots at services like Grammarly as these tools expand to more users.

"When it comes to spelling, you can typically look up whether a word exists in the dictionary," Google said today. "Grammar is different. It's a more complex set of rules that can vary based on the language, region, style and more. Because it's subjective, it can be a harder problem to tackle using a fixed set of rules. To solve the problem, we use machine translation to build a model that can incorporate the complexity and nuances of grammar correction."

There's no word on when this feature might go live for the larger Google Docs userbase, but this roll out to G Suite users is definitely a good sign in that regard. Hopefully this expands to all Google Docs users soon, because good grammar tools can be very handy when it comes to navigating the English language and all of its quirks.