Google Docs and Sheets get third-party Android add-ons

Google just made Docs and Sheets a bit more attractive with the launch of Android add-ons — that is, third-party tools on Android that add extra functionality to Google's office software. Assuming you're viewing a particular document using your Android mobile device (and that you've downloaded the appropriate add-on), you could do things like sign a sheet or document using DocuSign, scan a document into Docs using Scanbot, and more.

You can find the newly available Android add-ons using the the add-on menu on Sheets or Docs, or you can head over to this Google Play collection to see them all assembled together. The add-ons span all sorts of functionality, with offerings including tools for creating apps, importing data, the classroom, making citations, and more.

At the present time, Docs and Sheets users on Android can grab the following add-ons: DocuSign, Google Classroom, Scanbot,Zoho CRM, AppSheet, EasyBib, Teacher Aide, ProsperWorks, and PandaDoc. Google says it worked with eight partners to bring about these add-ons; it isn't clear whether there are more planned, and if so, when they may be available.

Google Docs and Sheets are just a part of Google's online office software, of course. In addition to both, Google also offers "Forms" and "Slides." Though updates don't roll out to them terribly often we have seen some improvements to them this year. Back in March, for example, Google Docs got an outline tool on Android and desktop that makes sorting through documents much easier.

SOURCE: Google Blog