Google details new Stadia Premiere Edition contents

Eric Abent - Sep 18, 2019, 12:50 pm CDT
Google details new Stadia Premiere Edition contents

Google Stadia is set to launch at some point in November, and at launch, the only way to play is by purchasing the Stadia Founder’s Edition. Though the service will eventually be offered for free without a hardware bundle required, that won’t be happening until sometime in 2020. What happens when those Founder’s Editions sell out, though? Are prospective users simply stuck waiting until Stadia Base launches next year?

We learned the answer to that question today. The official Stadia Twitter account revealed today that the Founders Edition has sold out across “most of Europe.” Those who still want in on day one aren’t being left out in the cold, as Google has launched the Stadia Premiere Edition to replace it.

With the Premiere Edition you get the Clearly White Stadia Controller (which replaces the blue controller from the Founder’s Edition), a Chromecast Ultra to stream your games, three months of Stadia Pro, and the full Destiny 2 collection. That’s similar in many ways to the Founder’s Edition, but there are a few key differences between the two.

Likely the biggest for many customers is the fact that the Premiere Edition doesn’t allow you to reserve your Stadia username ahead of launch. You also don’t get the Stadia Buddy Pass, which allows a friend to try out Stadia with three months of Stadia Pro.

If those aren’t critical components of your Stadia purchase, then the Premiere Edition might be a worthy replacement for the Founder’s Edition. For now, the Premiere Edition is only available in Europe, but if Founder’s Editions wind up selling out here in the US, it stands to reason that Google will launch something similar.

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