Google NC data center gets Street View treatment

If you were wondering where the internet is housed, you're asking the wrong question – but if you want to know where Google's corner of the internet lives, you're in luck. This week Google has released not just a high-definition set of photos from several of their data centers, they've got a lovely Street View look at one in particular. Google's Lenoir, NC data center has the greatest little look-around you could hope for this afternoon.

This exploration begins at "Google Data Center, Lynhaven Drive, Lenoir, NC" in Google Maps, this leading you to [this exterior look link] and a very wide-open look at the building from out in the open. They've also jumped in the [front door] of the building and allow you the freedom to get down to the [data center floor] as well. You can get around quick, that's for sure! Be on the lookout for Stormtroopers.

Above and in the Where The Internet Lives site you'll also see several more data centers that make your internet what it is today – if you use Google on the regular, that is. There's "The Tech," "The People," and "The Places" for you to look forward to in Google's large gallery, with what we expect to be more on the way. Note that with this exploration comes a visually expansive look at a collection of places normally not connected to aesthetically stimulating ideas – when you think about where your data is stored, it looks like a big black hole, right?

Of course there's always the idea that it's all like TRON. Here we're given the real lowdown: Google's data centers are expansive halls of perfectly situated masses of technology. Boards and storage, metal, stone, and atmosphere cooled to keep it all safe. This is where your Gmail is, this is where your Androids live, here is where Google's business exists in the virtual universe.