Google cuts projects galore in Spring Cleaning cull

This week Google has let it be known that they're cutting projects from several sectors in their software and online business, starting with Google Video and ending with a bad sign for a dying Nokia mobile OS. The first cut is Google Video, a website and ecosystem that came before YouTube and stayed around long after Google had purchased the most famous video website on earth. Next is iGoogle, a customizable homepage for the web made for RSS feeds, widgets, and a bunch of other oddities – this system will be cut in 16 months while Google Video will be cut on August 20th, with videos being transferred to YouTube as we speak.

Google Talk Chatback will be cut – this system was a text chat widget for web publishers that will be replaced wholly by Meebo. As you may or may not know, Meebo was purchased by Google just under a month ago this year. Google Mini will be gut, this being a hardware search appliance released in 2005 and replaced by the much more blatantly titled Google Search Appliance.

Of course Gears, Friend Connect, Aardvark, Buzz, and Wave are also in their transition period for death, but its Google's Symbian search app that should ring the loudest bell. Truly it is the end of that mobile operating system, and Nokia's candy-coated OS can finally toll the bell for its death. Without Google, a mobile operating system is all but dead – right?

Have a peek at Google's most recent news bits below in the timeline and see how fabulous the company is doing without this mish-mash of systems and software.

[via Google]