Google cuts Gmail app support from BlackBerry

It was announced this week that Google will officially stop support for the native Gmail app for BlackBerry devices starting on November 22nd, this move effectively telling RIM that it'll have to rely on its in-browser iteration if it plans on getting any kind of future support officially. Does this mean that Google has given up on trying to reach people through BlackBerry? I'd say yes, but Google seems to be announcing the change carefully so as not to upset those who've already got the app working on their devices – Google, do you see BlackBerry's end of life in your scopes?

The announcement came aside assurances that Google has for the past year been concentrating on a great mobile browser experience for Gmail and that they'll continue investing in the web-based iteration of the service. On November 22nd though, all support, and that means updates, questions and answers from staff, and bug fixes, will be cut from Google funding. The app itself as it rests at that point will still continue to exist, but will then also be cut from downloads for future users.

Other apps will remain unaffected for BlackBerry. In particular, Google notes that Google Apps customers who are using Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server will continue to gain support from Google through the foreseeable future. Just to be clear, again, Google has guaranteed that Gmail will no longer be supported or available for download for BlackBerry devices officially starting November 22nd, no ifs, ands, or buts. So grab it now and hang on for dear life!

[via Google Support]