Google Currents' launch next month marks the final days of Google+

Depending on who you ask, the name "Google Currents" will mean something different. Most will have no clue about it while some will remember it as one of Google's failed social experiments focused more on full-length magazine articles. Last year, however, Google reused that name for what would practically be its replacement for Google+ in G Suite. Now it is announcing that this new Google Currents will be leaving beta testing in July, finally laying Google+ to rest for good.

Google+ was actually already retired back in April last year but that was only for the consumer version. Although not exactly used like Facebook or Twitter, G Suite customers relied on Google+ for internal discussions. That's why Google revived the Currents brand so that it could finally be rid of the Google+ brand once and for all.

That day will finally take place on July 6, 2020. That's when Google Current will become generally available to G Suite customers whether they like to or not. After that day, Google says it won't be possible to revert back to Google+, especially since that will no longer exist.

Everything will automatically be transitioned to the new Google Currents. Old Google+ apps will no longer be supported and Google+ URLs will automatically be redirected to Currents. No action is required other upgrading to the new mobile apps but users should be warned of the sudden changes in design, branding, and perhaps even functionality.

Of course, July 6, 2020 will also mark the official and final death of Google+, a process that has been in progress for years. Google's attempt at creating a social network may have been a complete flop but it had its fair share of users among Android app developers and G Suite customers. Next month, however, all of those will finally be gone. RIP, Google+.