Google commits to supporting Nest Secure, more Nest Detect coming

Google is notorious for suddenly discontinuing apps and services, even those in wide use. That practice actually applies even to hardware products, much to the disappointment of many customers. The casualty in the latter segment is its Nest-branded smart home security system which suddenly became no longer available last week. To assure customers it isn't pulling the plug, Google now publicly commits to continue supporting the Nest Secure system. It isn't, however, saying anything about updates and new features.

The Nest Secure system, with its Nest Guard centerpiece, launched more than two years ago. Normally, that would imply that an upgrade is overdue but Google did the exact opposite. It actually discontinued the product line after stocks ran out completely. Long story short, you won't be able to buy a complete Nest Secure system anymore.

As with any product discontinuation, there were fears that the Nest Secure would suddenly stop working, at least in the near future. More than that, however, concerns over the system's long-term security are also being raised if the device doesn't receive security updates to plug up reported vulnerabilities.

To calm people who made that $500 investment in the Nest Secure, Google is now promising that it will continue providing existing customers with feature support, software fixes, and critical security updates. Notably missing is any mention of new features, though that isn't exactly surprising since the product has been discontinued after all.

There were also complaints about the availability of Nest Secure components since the Nest Detect sensors have also been marked as out of stock for weeks. Google says that fresh supplies will be coming min-December and that Nest Tags are still available today. How long before those run out for good is also just a matter of time.