Google Coach fitness and health AI assistant for smartwatches tipped

Google is working on a personal fitness and health assistant, according to a new leak, and it's reportedly called Google Coach. The new personal assistant is allegedly being developed for wearable devices and will utilize what Google already knows about a user to proactively make recommendations, among other things. Google Coach isn't limited just to activities, according to the report, which also claims it'll monitor nutrition and suggest meals.

The information comes from Android Police, which reports that Google Coach is internally known as Project Wooden, and that the name may change before the eventual public launch. This AI-based coach will reportedly monitor all aspects of a user's wellbeing, keeping track of activity, gym workouts, and nutrition, wrapping it all up in suggestions to keep one's goals on track.

This could involve, the report claims, recommending certain foods or ways to make up for a missed workout. Google already has a fitness product called Google Fit, but Google Coach will be something else entirely, based on the report.

Whereas Google Fit passively collects data, Google Coach will have an active role in one's health and exercise, helping the user stay active and eat well. Data gathered over time will help the fitness assistant make recommendations in the future. These recommendations will reportedly be presented as conversational notifications to help mitigate the potential too-many-alerts issue.

According to the report, these messages will pack multiple elements into a single notification, preventing a glut of alerts. Wear OS will get priority, the leak alleges, though Google Coach also be available on smartphones; the report suggests that phone availability will be limited, though. It's possible users will also be able to view their data on other devices, such as Android TV.

SOURCE: Android Police