Google Classroom now available, makes paper assignments obsolete

Google Classroom, first introduced back in May, has officially been launched for users at large, providing an alternative to paper-centric lesson plans for teachers and other educators. With the service, one can create digital assignments and monitor students' progress.

The service has already been put to use at some schools, including Brooklyn's Fontbonne Hall Academy, where Google received feedback to further shape the offering. As of now, Google Classroom is available to anyone who uses Google Apps for Education.

The service works in a pretty straight-forward way: teachers can create assignments, such as the one featured in the screenshot above. Students then receive the lesson and complete it, with the teacher being able to monitor students, view grades, and send messages, among other things.

Classroom is currently being offered in 42 languages, with Google making a point to note that included on that list are right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew. Mobile users can access Classroom; it'll be rolling out over the next few days, so be patient if you're not seeing it yet.

SOURCE: Google Enterprise Blog