Google Chrome updated on Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android

Today is a big day for Google's Chrome web browser. It received an update on four major platforms, including Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. While Windows and Linux users aren't getting huge updates for their versions of Chrome, both iOS and Android are getting their own new features that they'll definitely enjoy.

The Windows and Linux versions of Chrome are receiving mere security updates and bug fixes — nothing that you'll probably get overly excited about. However, the Android version has optimized scrolling with an updated Javascript engine — perfect for smaller screens, according to Google, which mostly applies to older devices.

As for iOS, there are a couple of nifty new features that users will get a kick out of. Holding down on the back button will bring up the history tab, and will allow you to quickly access any page that's stored in your history. Furthermore, you can also quickly share web pages through Messages on iOS.

Sadly, the iOS update of Chrome resulted in the app crashing every time I would start it up, so if you're still on iOS 5.1.1, let this be a word of warning if you're thinking about upgrading. Hopefully Google will soon release a smaller, incremental update to fix the bugs present in this big update, but for now I'm stuck with an unusable Chrome app.