Google Chrome Store Announces 95% Cut for Developers

Google just gave a huge gift to developers, improving the Chrome web store to make it easier to make an in-app purchase so the user can stay engaged in the app while making the purchase. Also, the web store is now available in 41 languages. Time spent in apps has doubled, and also transaction times have gotten longer.

Google said they wanted to make monetizing apps easier for developers, and also make in-app payments seamless for users. They have made it possible for developers to insert a payment system into an up in just two lines of code. For users, it will be just one click to initiate and one click to purchase (once your account is set up).

The main announcement, and the one that developers are most interested in, is the percentage of the payment that they will actually get. Apple takes a 30% cut, for example. Google just announced that they will only take a flat fee of 5%, no setup fees or other fees will be charged. Happy day for developers!!