Google Chrome OS to feature legacy app Chromoting

I bet you are all wondering what is "Chromoting" right now, aren't you? It's a made-up word that Google has coined for running legacy applications in Chrome OS. Google is set to launch the Chrome OS this fall, and according to one Google team member Chromoting "will also enable you to access legacy PC applications right within the browser."

Google's Chromoting process is a way for Chrome to provide access to legacy PC applications. Unfortunately the only details we know come in the form of an email sent to a third party, and technical specifications are sparse about the process.

The sender of the email, Google worker Gary Kacmarcik, describes the whole process as being similar to a Remote Desktop Connection in Windows. Presumably, that means that you would be able to load these programs on a Chrome OS netbook by remotely accessing another PC on which they're already running. However, Kacmarcik didn't elaborate on specifics of how Chromoting operates, so there's no way to tell if users will have to access their own machines or, more impressively, a copy of a legacy app running on a virtual machine online in the cloud.