Google Chrome OS launching Nov 11?

The tablet wars are here and we know that there are many new tablets coming to the market soon and many builders are relying on Android to power their tablets, despite the fact that Google keeps saying Android in its current form is not suitable for a tablet. We also know that some tablet plans involve a tablet using the Chrome OS with some rumors pointing to a new tablet running Chrome landing on November 26 from HTC.

New evidence that comes from Google's own Code site that stemming from comments made by a Google worker has lead to a date coming forward for the possible launch of Chrome on November 11. That launch would give a few weeks for the Chrome tablet we heard about before to hit market. Other bug comments on the Google code site point to a RC version of the OS may be ready to go already.

Two times in the comments of the Code Site a Google worker stated "We will push this after November 11" according to TechCrunch. The publications also figure that we could see the final code freeze on November 11 and then perhaps the OS will ship a week later on the anniversary of its unveiling event. That would certainly make sense for some Google theatrics wouldn't it. The Chrome web store is also debuting this month so things are starting to add up. I have to wonder if Chrome is the OS that Google is pressing the large tablet firms like LG to wait for rather than Android.