Google Chrome grabs one third of the global browser market

For a long time Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser sat on a lofty perch well beyond the reach of other browsers on the market. Over the last several years, Internet Explorer has started to lose market share to other browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome. In fact, Chrome was the most popular browser for a while back in May of this year.

The latest statistics for the browser market are in from StatCounter, and according to the figures, Chrome is still the most popular browser. Chrome now owns over one third of the browser market globally with 33.8% of the entire market. That number represents a gain from 32.8% in June of this year and a much more significant gain from the 22.1% of the global market Chrome had in July of 2011.

Internet Explorer is a close second place with 32% of the global market as Firefox finds itself on a steady decline. For July 2012, Firefox had 23.7% of the global browser market. The fourth place spot on the list of top browsers goes to Safari from Apple with a mere 7.1% of the market.

Chrome was the top web browser in Europe during July, passing Firefox for the first time. Chrome is also the most popular browser in South America and Asia. Things look different in the US and the UK with Internet Explorer still being the most popular browser.

[via TheNextWeb]