Google Chrome Canary for Mac browser launches with no testing

The vast majority of the computer users out there want nothing to do with beta software or alpha builds that crash and have bugs. Most of the computer users want their browser and other software to be finished and stable before they start using it. We have all had browsers crash, even after they are supposedly stable so for most something like Google Chrome Canary for Mac won't be appealing. There will be some hard-core geeks out there that are into using the latest version, even if it is buggy and crashes.

Google has announced that its Chrome Canary for Mac is now available. The Chrome Canary browser for Windows was offered in the past, and this is the first time it has come to Mac users. The deal with Chrome Canary is this; the browser has not been tested at all. That's right, it's completely untested and Google expects it will crash and be buggy. Google is looking for users to use the browser and when it crashes to submit crash reports to help improve the browser.

Chrome Canary will automatically update more frequently than the Dev channel according to Google, and each subsequent release will have no testing performed. Since the browser is unstable and expected to crash, Google notes that users will be able to run it at the same time as a Dev, Beta, or Stable version of Chrome. Canary data will remain separate so if it does crash, you will still have your other browser running. Canary can be synced so you have the same bookmarks, extensions, and themes on all your browsers. Mac users interested in Chrome Canary can grab it on The Chromium Blog.