Google Chrome browser can be crashed with only 16 characters

If you use Google Chrome as your browser, there is a new flaw that you need to be aware of that could have your browser crashing. The flaw has to do with a specially crafted 16 character link that if you type into Chrome and hit enter will crash the browser. You don't even have to click enter to crash the browser.

Simply hovering over the link will crash Chrome. The bug was discovered by Andris Atteka. The attack has bene confirmed to crash the latest stable version of Chrome 45. To try it for yourself enter the url into Chrome in the image below and hit enter.

NOTE: SlashGear is not responsible for any actions you choose to take with the characters in the URL you see below this message.

Either the entire chrome browser will crash or the tab it is open in will crash. The technical explanation of the bug is that a DCHECK on an invalid URL in GURL in history code is crashing. It doesn't appear to be a security bug that could leave users of Chrome exposed according to Atteka.

The flaw doesn't appear to impact Chrome of Android, but has been confirmed on Mac and PC versions. Google hasn't made an official comment on the flaw. Since this wasn't a security flaw, the person who discovered it didn't get any bounty money.

SOURCE: Venture Beat